Sunday, June 26, 2022

Consistent Sow Activity


I've been capturing several sows with COY's. over the last several weeks. Mating activity has slowed down . Camera traps aren't picking up the bear activity like they were a month ago. No shortage of deer flies,  head nets are an absolute requirement.

Trail Cameras are  videoing more moose and coyotes than in previous years. I'm not sure why. Camera traps are pretty much set in the same areas

Excited with retirement coming up in FOUR days !!!!!

Every day will be a Saturday , which means more time in the Great Outdoors, hiking and camera trapping ........ can't wait ;) 


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Camera Trapping Massachusetts Turtles


Early June is the time Massachusetts turtles leave the safety of a pond or swamp on a quest to locate soft substrate to lay eggs. I coordinated a brief (one week) anecdotal study to document the different turtles that would use this ideal sandy location. When first locating this spot, the sand area (20’x20’) appeared as it had been rototilled. The disturbed sand was a result of predators digging for turtle eggs. What I found interesting is that there was no evidence of broken turtle shells anywhere. Crows/ Ravens were scavenging any eggshells that may have been left behind. The coyote and raccoon probably new of this turtle paradise year after year The young bear most likely just stumbled upon the area with its daily foraging.

Bushnell Aggressor / Browning Special Op


Monday, June 13, 2022

Turtle Time !


With gas prices being a concern, I’m trying to be more mindful about travelling around the state checking trail cameras. I have a couple of options

  1. Change the frequency of trail camera checks to every other week This would help offset fuel costs.
  2. Find  camera trapping areas closer to home . I did this last weekend and through a bit of effort located a new area.

This new area initially shows some promise. A lengthy beaver dam stretching a long distance through a grassy bog caught my attention. It’s not as remote as I would like, but certainly appears to be an interesting location to set several camera traps. A steep climb up an embankment revealed a small area with sand that showed  evidence of turtles laying eggs. Also, something has been digging and eating the eggs.

Long Shot !,  why not set a few camera traps and try to capture a turtle doing its thing and hopefully  capture a predator  robbing the eggs.

Stay Tuned


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Massachusetts Coyotes


This has also been an exceptional year for camera trapping coyotes. In the Month of May, two locations twenty five miles apart have produced my best coyote videos ever. I’m not sure why that is. One location is new and the other I’ve been camera trapping for years. Suppose luck plays into it a bit. Right place right time.

It’s the peak of bear mating season in Massachusetts and I can’t wait to hit the camera trap trail tomorrow morning. To date camera traps have videoed twenty five different bears. Most bears can be identified by unique markings (white patches) injury, tag or collar. I’m pretty much going to stay the course with camera location now throughout the summer. Come late August I’ll start moving them to prime moose habitat.


Saturday, May 28, 2022

Activity High On TC's


It’s been a good week on the camera trapping line. The bank beaver lodge continues to get dismantled by several bears. A sow with two cubs now shows interest in the lodge.

An interesting observation for May, the areas in 2021, where sows with cubs were being captured weekly on trial cameras has been nonexistent so far this year .that being said, the number of different bears being videoed in these areas is high. I’m guessing the sows want no part of all these bears and are foraging on the outskirts.

Coyotes become very skittish around trail cameras. At least in Massachusetts they are. This past week my camera traps capture two of my best videos yet.

May has been a very productive month camera trapping Massachusetts


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Enjoy Seeing Bears !


Bear pictured above is from a different swamp. 

Interesting bear observation while hiking to check trail cameras last weekend. As I rounded a corner on a fire road, adjacent to a small beaver pond, a bear crossed the road and started foraging the shoreline. Wind direction was in my favor, and I went undetected.  At the same time the resident beaver wanted the bear to move on and repeatedly slapped its tail on the waters surface . This in turn, sent what appeared to be a small cub running through the shadows of the underbrush. The bear had no tolerance for the noisy beaver and charged the water splashing which sent the beaver under water. All went quiet. The bear foraged the shoreline then headed down stream out of sight ,I continued hiking reliving the sequence of events that had just occurred and something wasn’t adding up. The bear was small , I’m estimating three years old. Much to young to be tugging along a cub. But I know what I saw, or did I? The event changed my TC card check route and I headed back to the beaver pond. I wanted to see if there was any evidence left behind of the bear or its cub. The substrate was loose and watery, like pea soup. I did find two partial tracks of the bear and what appeared to be raccoon tracks along the area where I saw the cub. CONCLUSION : Things aren’t often what they appear. It would have been easier just to continue hiking and tell the story that I saw a sow and a cub . I’m glad I went back and investigated the scene. Theirs a slim possibility that there was a bear cub, but the probability is that the raccoon was at the beaver pond prior to the bear crossing the cart road and then ran off after all the commotion started.


Friday, May 13, 2022

Bear Activity In MA. High

Bear activity around my camera traps is high. A SD card check today showed four different bears videoed last week. TC's have yet to record a sow with COY ( cubs of the year). It will be interesting to see if this happens in the month of May. Last year COY were videoed on May7th in the same area. Then again, last May there wasn't as much mature bear activity as I'm seeing this year. 

It won't be long till bears start looking for a mate , then the activity should increase even more. I located another area this morning to set a camera trap. 

Stay Tuned !