Friday, December 27, 2013

Beautiful Morning Tracking

I headed back to Gate 8 this morning. The dusting of snow made for  very eventful morning finding tracks. The first tracks were a bonus! I really enjoy finding bobcat tracks. Knowing I hiked this same area yesterday without seeing a cat track added to the excitement. The knife in the picture is 3-1/2" long. I'll remember to put a tape measure in my pack.
The bobcat had walked a considerable distance up the dirt road.
Continuing north on Ward Rd the anticipation of seeing a moose was high. I did cut one single fresh track made after the snow from yesterday afternoon. Continuing on a number of deer crossed the road. All were single tracks. I thought the deer would be traveling in groups this time of year. Maybe the recent thaw eased things.

Coyote tracks were plentiful. I could see where four where traveling together. Notice the toe nail indentations on the top track.

I did see a number these interesting scrapes on maple trees. I do know what made these and why. Would anybody care to comment?
Finally with finishing my hike a grouse flushed. Almost got him on my camera.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hiked & Located All Quabbin Gates

This morning was an early start heading out to Gate 8 in Pelham. I was hoping for a glimpse of a moose and I wanted to see if I could find Gate 7 . An earlier attempt to find the gate a few weeks back driving in from Rte202 did not permit access. Private land  with no trespassing signs made for the effort this morning.
The hike  was cloudy with light snow,  which made for a nice walk. Not much moving, I did see several gray squirrels , one red squirrel and several chickadees.
I crossed several different moose tracks while heading up Juckett Hill. I did locate Gate 7 which completes my gate search . Over the last several years searching for the gates just added another purpose to go along with the hiking and photography.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Short But Interesting Hike

I had a little time to burn this morning, so I headed off to see if I could locate gate 48 using public access. Earlier in the fall I had hiked from gate 50 to 48, exiting Quabbin onto a network of dirt roads. I was not sure if the roads belonged to DCR or private. This morning’s hike validated the roads are private and that Gate 48 is not accessible from a public way. While poking around the area outside of Quabbin I did cut a moose track, numerous deer tracks and one coyote track. I also came upon this structure……. Jim