Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day Of Finding Things !

Started Friday morning watching a swamp in hopes of seeing a Bull Moose. Perfect time of the year to be doing this with the rut in full swing. After sitting briefly I stood up and walked a few yards , looked down and there lay a moose antler. Nice way to start the morning.
Pic on title page shows antler strapped to my backpack. Thanks Rick F for taking the picture!
Well, the  moose attempt didn't work out so I figured I would wander around for a while and see if maybe a bear or bobcat might present a pic opportunity.
 I could see how this day was going to unfold. I didn't catch up to any animals for a pic. However , I was able to locate where they were. The bear tracks are of a mature Black Bear.

 Wouldn't  you know it ! I just happen to have some Plaster of Paris in my pack.

The track is exaggerated being in mud. It will make for a nice conversation pc .