Monday, September 1, 2014

A Bit Ugly & Bear Tidbit

Certainly isn't going to win a beauty contest.

Moving along very slow a pair of immature Turkey Vultures let me stalk within about fifty feet of them before flying away.
The early hour and tree canopy challenged the camera for light.
Continuing on I came upon this pile of bear scat.
Pictured above is a small pile of bear scat with a peach pit in it. Based on diameter of the scat it would suggest that it was a small bear ,maybe even a cub. I bet it must have felt some relief after leaving that pile:)
Quabbin was very peaceful this morning.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Addtion To Wildlife Library

Yesterday the cloud cover didn't clear until mid-morning along Quabbin's northwest shoreline. On the hike back I decided to cut back up to the power -line on the way back to the truck.
Walking along slowly looking down.......
Dekay's Brownsnake caught my eye.It was a couple of quick picks with the camera before it moved on
This morning back at it. This porcupine was also out for a hike.

This Pickerel Frog was the last pic opportunity for the morning