Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eagles Were Plentiful

A beautiful morning to sit along the shoreline  in anticipation of something flying by.
I certainly didn't expect this to happen! Not one one hundred feet from where I was sitting a immature eagle landed on the shoreline on the back side of a small bush.
The eagle new something was up with the first picture. It didn't take long before it took to the air.

Once it flew into the sun light I was able to get a few decent pictures,
It didn't take long before a couple of Honkers tested me with a BIF picture.

Pockets Of Open Water

A little breezy on Saturday !

However , finding  open pockets of water would provide picture opportunities, Sitting just inside the shoreline tree cover  the eagle on the title page presented a pic.
It was about to land in a white pine tree until my movement caught its attention.

These two male wood ducks made for a colorful picture.
The last cove I checked presented a quick birds in flight of mergansers walking on water