Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nice Morning Hiking

Beautiful morning for a hike. Mid thirties when I left the house and it warmed right up when the sun broke the tree line. Birds were everywhere. Every thick white pine stand you could hear the song of the Eastern Towhee.
The woodpeckers were also out in full force with seeing a pileated, flicker and yellow bellied sap sucker.

On the hike back to the truck I was able to click a picture of a Yellow - rumped Warbler.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some What Disappointed Today !

Headed out early today. It was chilly with a light frost on the front lawn. My hike today would take me to a popular gate on the northeast side of the reservoir. When I arrived ,there was already a vehicle parked. This is unusual with my early start times. I was anticipating seeing another hiker or wildlife photographer. A little over a mile and a half in here is what I came upon.

A fella walking with his dog !
It will be a while before I hike this gate