Saturday, June 11, 2016

Not Purrfect ! But We'll Take It !

Pretty exciting morning ! I headed out early to one of my favorite locations.
Just about there, I rounded the  corner on the dirt road and caught a glimpse of a bobcat just rounding the corner about fifty yards ahead me. I tried to get an " Evidence Pic" but the cat was out of sight before the camera was ready.
Crap......... I cant let this opportunity just walk away !

I needed to pic up a fast pace and keep quiet while doing this. Not hustling but ten yards, a kitten bobcat busted out of the woods a short distance in front of me and ran across the dirt road.
Good for me she didn't run down the road following her mother......
If I could make the next corner without being detected there might be a chance for a picture.

Wow... there she is

I was able to keep her curiosity for several minutes.

A second after this pic she was GONE!!