Thursday, May 1, 2014

Something Different

While on a business trip this week I had a brief opportunity to visit one of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge areas in McGreger , IA.
This National Wildlife & Fish Refuge  is located on the Upper Mississippi River which flows  through    Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.  

 This flood plain is home to 250 bald eagle nests. Unfortunately the weather  was cold and extremely windy with showers. I stopped at the office in Mc Greger to learn more about this flood plain. Unfortunately no nesting eagles were in the general area

Above picture shows the habitat. I did see the work of many pileated woodpeckers . The weather was poor at best for viewing . I did see several mallards, common mergansers and a blue heron.

 Below , Looking out over the viewing areas at Pikes Peak State Park is a good vantage point in seeing a section of the Mississippi River and the flood plain.

 The water is high due to snow run off and several days of heavy rain.
The pics are dismal due to the weather . However they give you the feel for the habitat.

I don't think I would of ever made a special trip to the Mississippi, However I am glad I took the time to check it out.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Look For Antlers

I spent the morning looking for antlers from the top of Bear Hill down to the reservoir shoreline. From the top of Bear Hill you can see the reservoir through the tree's. I bushwhacked so  did not bring my SLR. That was a mistake. When I arrived at the Gate ,a  large moose met me. It ran about forty yards ,stopped and just looked back at me for nearly ten minutes. Working my way down the ridge I had a deer walk  to within twenty five yards of me. Shortly after I jumped another deer and watched it bound away.
While sitting at the reservoir I watched a immature eagle fly by.
Hiking back up Bear Hill I came across this Eastern Red-spotted Newt. Not an uncommon site. I thought it looked neat crawling along this log.

Ticks were relentless. !