Saturday, May 6, 2017

Water Level Rising

This mornings was a WET hike ! It was good to see water flowing into the reservoir . Typically this time of year the reservoir is 95% + of capacity. April and May rain will hopefully keep adding to the needed water. The reservoir was 85.7 % of capacity May 1st. Its heading in the right direction !
A doe did pop out in front of me.
I took a terrible picture. Not sure why..... It was raining maybe I was  a hurry :(

Wild flowers are beginning to bloom-Buttercups
I moved one of my trail cameras that was facing west. The setting sun was tripping the sensor.

This looked like a good spot to put it!
Hope to catch a moose or bear wandering through this open area.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Great Weekend To Sit On The Shoreline....

Just hidden from view (inside the wood-line) and watched and listened. I was fortunate this small cove was uninterrupted by boat traffic and four loons would try and work out who had stake in this prime spot. I did see a glimpse of a band on one of the loons. Clearly two did not have bands. At times the loons became very vocal and aggressive working at driving the intruders away.
Three loons in the picture above.
This 4th loon thought best to leave the area. It was very vocal as it exited the cove.
Things quieted down when the forth loon flew away. I'll assume it was a male.....
It made for an interesting and fulfilled morning seeing several immature eagles, turkey's, and one mature eagle