Friday, June 23, 2017

It was a wonderful day yesterday at Quabbin , spending a good part of it motoring up and down the reservoir looking for photo opportunities. One could not of have asked for nicer weather !

My 6:15 AM arrival at Gate 43 found only two cars in line and many rental boats still tied to the dock.  If your planning to rent a boat its best to arrive early. By 6:30 the boat was loaded and my direction would be straight North ,motoring along the east side of Mt Zion hoping to see a bear or some other mammal before cutting through the gap between Mt Zion & Mt L. Unfortunately, not much mammal activity. Once through the “Gap “the direction would be dead south to Curtis Island. There is re minis of a stone country club house built prior to the dismantling of the four towns. The plan was to attempt to get a picture from the choppy waters  of the field stone foundation. Docking the boat on any Quabbin island is FORBIDDEN.

It won’t be too many years before the island trees and foliage block any view of this once building.

Guess you can say we have seen the “Yellow Barrels “which indicates the end of the road. Public boats are not allowed beyond this point. Also is the Shaft 12 Pump House on the distant shore

Heading NW, it wouldn’t be too long before hitting the east shore of Prescott Peninsula. Boat traffic was considerable so the new course would be to head back to the ‘Gap’ and head over to Leveau Island. The NE side of the island found calmer waters with a Loon popping up a short distance from the boat. Wouldn’t you know it… I just happen to have my camera ready.

In the 18 miles boating yesterday, I would check out three eagle nesting sites where two eagles had not fledged and one had. I managed to get a few pics from each nest site.
A single eagle chick sitting very high up waiting for its next meal. The adult eagle was only a short distance away.
A nice steady breeze and  this eagle chick was hovering a few inches above the nest.

The cover picture is of the fledged eagle chick

A very nice day afield (afloat)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ever See A Chipmunk Swim

Watching a swamp, a distant small wake caught my attention. I was sure that this would be my first pic opportunity of a Muskrat Kit. Was I surprised when a chipmunk climbed up on the branch. Even more surprised  that it swam about 100 yards across the swamp and a raptor or turtle didn't seize the opportunity for a meal.
The chipmunk rested for a minute , then made a spectacular dive from the branch above.
It did finally make it to the shore. Makes you wonder what possessed it to swim across the swamp. Predator? Just a good day for a swim?

Quabbin wildlife pic opportunities have been SLOW. I'm still out there wearing out the soles of my boots. The only change is, I'm  occasionally checking trail cameras. Last week the trail cameras videoed a couple Moose easting swamp grass and a few  Fawns.

Gypsy Month Caterpillars have really destroyed the Quabbin Trees this year. Wonder if there will be any acorns this fall. If not, It will certainly negatively impact wildlife with fattening up for the winter