Saturday, January 23, 2021

Mink Tracks Snow


When I first saw these tracks I was hopeful they were fisher tracks. Especially being in a new spot camera trapping.  Reviewing a number of track books, I was still not certain. Reaching out to a camera trapping colleague , she identified the tracks as mink. There not quite big enough to be a fisher. In all my hiking I've yet to locate a fisher track in the snow. Guess it stays on my camera trapping bucket list for now.

Its good to always carry some type of measuring instrument in your pack. Its a big help when reviewing tracking books and if you want others to assist.

The other day I packed In a number of  Tc's and set them around this remote beaver pond. There have been a variety of tracks . 


Saturday, January 16, 2021

New TC Location

I’ve been checking out a new spot to camera trap. Scouting it out several months back showed signs of beaver, bobcat and coyote. A second visit with the beaver pond iced over and a light snow covering, revealed lots of tracks from a variety of critters. A few weeks back camera traps were placed around the beaver pond and one TC watching a beaver lodge. We’re off to a good start for 2021 !

Coyote meanders past beaver lodge.

Bobcat starts across beaver pond.


Sunday, January 10, 2021


Following up on a tip from a friend resulted in finding a moose kill. I'm guessing , but I would estimate this was probably a four to five hundred pound animal. The likelihood of finding this moose carcass was poor at best. I’ve been bushwhacking the last few weekends looking for moose sheds in north central Massachusetts. It’s really just another excuse to be in the woods. It’s a bit early for shed hunting but I figured why not look for sheds and maybe I'll find the moose carcass. While meandering back and forth on a hillside looking for the carcass I picked up on several sets of coyote tracks and started following them. They led me to the moose. In just over a weeks’ time, predators literally cleaned the carcass to the bone. Other than the lower legs, there was nothing left. Further investigation showed scat from coyotes and bobcat in the area.


Friday, January 1, 2021

Bobcat Interested In Porcupine ........


The porcupine is still occupying the bear den. Poop is staring to build at the entrance. I was really hoping it was temporary. A bobcat has been frequenting the site. Typically the bobcat would pass this area once a week. Since the porky moved in the bobcat has been a regular visitor. I researched whether or not a bobcat would prey on a porcupine and learned that they will. We’ll see how that plays out over the winter.

I located another beaver pond to camera trap. There are two well-built beaver lodges that aren’t being used. There is evidence of fresh chewed trees on the shoreline. Earlier scouting of this area showed coyote, bobcat, deer and porcupine activity. I set out trail cameras today. Hopefully it is an active winter pond.


Friday, December 25, 2020

Hiking Safety


Massachusetts has areas where cell phone coverage doesn’t exist and /or cell reception is inconsistent. My regular weekend hiking location(s) falls into little or no cell service. This concerns my family so they bought me a Garmin InReach Mini in the event an emergency were to arise. I’ve taken it along on the last several hikes. Having a website that tracks me using satellite and the ability to send a SOS message if I were to become injured brings a piece of mind to all. Although I’m just starting to bring this unit along with each hike, the device performs as advertised. Certainly something to consider if you’re a hiker.


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Bear Den Scouting


It’s been a busy month checking bear den prospects and old den sites. So far no luck! As I wrote this article a major nor’easter has dumped twelve inches of snow in central Massachusetts. The likelihood of finding an occupied den is growing slim. The fieldstone den that has housed a sow with cub(s) the previous two winters was vacant when I checked it last weekend. One bear a month ago did pass by the entrance and showed interest in at least the scent that was lingering. A porcupine has been using the site.

So unless a bear has found the field stone den prior to the storm, I’ll be snowshoeing looking for other den possibilities.

Not all is lost. A bobcat has been seen in the area. Maybe it take up residence come mating season.



Saturday, December 12, 2020

Not A Lot Of Activity


Wildlife photography on both fronts has been extremely slow.  Very little trail camera activity nor seeing anything to take a picture of.  I did see two bald eagles yesterday but they were too far away. I checked the bear den site last week and again this morning, it was empty. A porcupine still uses it off and on. A TC did get a bobcat spraying the entrance. May be that will be enough to keep the porcupine from hanging around.

Weatherman forecasts the possibility of a snow storm late next week. Hopefully a late season bear will use this den before the storm. Stay tuned…..