Saturday, January 18, 2020

Camera Trapping New Location

Red squirrel taking a leap !

I have been camera trapping  a new area  and need to learn the country side. Bushwhacking five miles this morning setting out trail cameras is always a good way to start the day I find it rewarding  and challenging to learn  new spots,  I started hiking this location in October. Its a big piece of woods and will take some time to figure out. So far a cow moose and bobcat have tripped the motion sensors on the TC's. Both captures were at night , its  a start.
The effort this morning was to beat the snow storm coming later today. I randomly set out trail cameras on this hike. It would be neat to get a pic of a bull before it drops it's antlers. The cameras are in DEEP and may need to wail till spring t retrieve.

The pic above is a bobcat about to cross a beaver dam. This was a good find. Any animal  that wants to cross the dam must  step into ac constrained spot with a TC mounted watching.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Coyote Unique Markings

It was a very eventful morning !

Finally located a bear den with a bear in it. "Sorta" makes you pucker a bit when you look into the opening with a flashlight and you see a bear and can hear a soft snore (lol)

Check the markings out on the chest and front legs of thise coyote. Very unique and should be easy to identify  again. I set a second camera trap in the area. While I was checking this camera trap a beaver glided within a foot of me and the gave the slap of the tail on the water. Bout' scared me to death.....

A couple of weeks ago while bushwhacking I stumbled upon a deer yard. There were deer droppings EVERYWHERE.Back in December this area in Massachusetts had about two feet of snow. Also found consistent bobcat scat in the same area over the last couple of weeks. I set out several TC's .
It will be interesting to see if the deer return to this area with the next significant snow.


Sunday, January 5, 2020

With the holiday last week it gave me a few extra days hiking . I was hoping to catch a coyote or bobcat walking the ice. No luck ! Still a lot of open water out past the cove pictured above.
Bushwhacking for bears ( looking for bear dens) came up empty this weekend. I was poking my head in every tree cavity and root ball I could find The hole in the picture above was big enough to partially crawl into. I needed to do that to check and see if anybody was home and there was!
 A fairly large porcupine turned its back to me as a way to protect itself.This was one of two holes I located that housed a porcupine.
I sure hope that I don't stick my head in one hole too many and have my head handed back to me...Gulp

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Fisher Checked Out Den Site

A fisher checking out the prospect bear den. I was hoping a bobcat might also check out this large hole . I left the trail camera. . Maybe some critter will wander around during the day light hours.

A lot of effort put in the last two weekends looking for a bear den. Its amazing how many root balls and blow downs you find bushwhacking  that could house a bear. No luck yet but I will continue  looking until the snow becomes to deep.

I have scouted out several new areas in North Central Massachusetts for camera trapping in 2020

I also would like to set a few camera traps some distance away and leave them for months, haven't quite figured out a plan for that yet.


Sunday, December 22, 2019

Challenging Set

This set is on a steep embankment above the shoreline. I was really hoping a bear might of used it for a winter den. No luck.! It was a bit risky making this set with the snow. Bobcat sign has been consistent  in this area. On a rainy  summer hike a bobcat did give me a quick opportunity to snap a picture with my SLR camera.

I]ts hard to believe another year has passed! The year ends with reaching 3200 miles hiking the "Quabbin Woods" and what a year it's been! It started with locating a second bear den , camera trapping six or seven different bears throughout the year and having a large bear walk out in front of me while hiking!

I would like to thank you all for reading my blog!
Wishing you happy holidays

Presentations. I've had a number of inquiries about speaking at club events this year. You can find several of my wildlife talks on the cover page of my website .

Also added a short video of bears camera trapped in 2019

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Final Bear Den Check / Inventory Equipment

 The last couple of days I checked my four bear den prospects with no takers. TC’s were set early October, not one bear checked out any of the sites which rather surprised me. Camera traps did show bobcats regularly visited three of the four locations. Given that information, I’ll set cameras out mid-February and hopefully one the locations will be used as a bobcat or coyote den site.

In December I bring in all my trail camera equipment to inventory, clean and check that the cameras are functioning properly. This year there are a few need to be replaced. As far a losing stuff, I’m only missing one padlock (that’s a good year!) Unfortunately one camera, cable lock & trailcampro mount were stolen. All in all a good year with equipment and wildlife captures.

Late fall scouting has given me two new areas to set (camera) trap lines for next year. The holidays will give me some time to set out a few winter sets

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Snowshoeing N. Central Massachusetts

Snowshoeing is about as good as it gets camera trapping. This morning’s temperature was -3 with 20” inches of powered snow. Dressing in layers and a couple hand warmers in my gloves made for a comfortable hike. Last October I started looking for new areas in North Central Massachusetts to run a camera trap line targeting moose. Prior to the major snow storm earlier this week, previous scouting revealed a dozen piles of moose droppings and a number of small maple trees racked from antlers. One of the trees had marks better than seven feet high. On this morning’s jaunt I came across a number of moose droppings and three beds. One was extremely large the second large and the third small. Hopefully next week I can get back into this area and set out more trail cameras.