Saturday, October 12, 2019

Best TC Picture To Date !

I typically don't set camera traps along the edge of fields concerned that they will  be easy targets for thieves . This field is located in prime moose habitat and I was willing to take the risk . After two weeks sitting out  and the moose rut winding down, it was time to pull this camera.
To my surprise there weren't many captures on the SD card. However. the few pictures that the TC captured are my best to date.
In my opinion this picture is about the best capture you  will get with a trial camera.

Thought is always given to location and background when I make camera trap sets. These are the few things that you can  control. The rest of it is good fortune hoping that some animal triggers the camera at the optimum time. That's what happened with this picture a lot of LUCK !!!!.


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Not Long Before Bears Den

Won't be long now before bears den in north central MA.. Maybe another four weeks or so.   I've had a good year camera trapping bears . In a future post I'll tally up 2019 bears and share the results. It will be interesting to see when the last bear for the season crosses my favorite beaver dam.
Another week or so I'll set camera traps up on the two bears dens I located in the past
November and December bring many more people to the woods and it will be time for me to start bringing in my trail cameras. It's also gives me a chance to clean  and inventory what I have.
Late fall is also a good time to search for bear dens and explore new areas for camera trapping.


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Beaver Lodge Exposed

Bushwhacking a few weeks ago I stumbled across a beaver lodge in unique location which had little water with one beaver channel leading from the lodge to a very small brook. With the wet spring beavers built a small earth dam which raised the water level enough to support a lodge. Sometime this summer the dam breached, not sure whether natural or mechanical. I thought this would be an interesting place to set several camera traps. The first day checking for tracks there were moose, deer and beaver. Checking this week, no new tracks visible, the ground is drying up. Cameras traps did catch a bear, hare, beavers and otters. The goal is to catch a bear, bobcat and coyote checking this easily accessible lodge. Well, got the bear out of the way. Wasn’t sure that was going to happen before the bears den this fall. We’ll see what next week brings …..

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Moose Rut in Full Swing

Bull moose are on the move with the rut. I'm  hoping to catch a good daytime picture of this guy. One camera  did get an early morning picture but the trail camera lenses had condensation on it.

One camera also captured a young bear with ear tags crossing a beaver dam. I enlarged the picture but couldn't read the tag number.

I located a breached secondary dam with a beaver lodge exposed. I set some camera traps , it will be interesting to see what type of wildlife checks the dam out.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Trail Camera's & Picture Composition

I've been working at attempting to add more picture composition when making camera trap sets. Many variables ! After locating an area you need to think about LIGHT. If the trail camera is placed where there is considerable light it can produce a decent picture. The picture above is a good example. The only post processing done was to straighten the photo. Below is the original.

Something has the doe in the backgrounds attention while the doe in the foreground searches for food unaware of any danger..
With the next TC check I will level this camera. Note the time , early AM.

My wife and I have been away camping for several weeks and the trail cameras have been somewhat busy. Lots of beavers , otters and a few bobcats. Bear activity continues to be slow. One camera did catch a sow with what looks to be 2nd year cubs crossing beaver dam on September 1st.
I'm assuming the sow is in the lead.


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bear Activity Slowed Down

Trail camera's haven't picked up a bear in two weeks. I think is due to food source. The area the TC's are located have lots of blueberry patches. With black & blue berries past the bears will now follow  the food sources. Gypsy months have hit the area hard the last several years . I don't see any acorns on the ground.
So other than a bear passing through I don't anticipate much more bear activity in the areas I'm currently camera trapping.
That being said, bobcat activity has been consistent. The cat above looks like it could use a meal. Twice this year TC's have captured night pictures with the bobcat laying in wait on the beaver dam in anticipation of a beaver moving over the dam


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Missed Awesome Opportunity

This picture above could of easily been a DSLR picture :(
On Friday checking trail cameras, this was the last camera trap set to change out SD cards. It was hot and muggy and I contemplated not even going into this tough area to pull the cards. I was tired ,hot and still had nearly a 3 mile hike back to the truck. I talked myself into hiding my DSLR camera,        ( heck , I have never had a pic op hiking into this area) about half way to the beaver dam I heard some very unusual noises. I immediately went in to stealth mode to try and get a glimpse of the ruckus.
I peaked out a short distance from the beaver dam and there was a female bobcat scolding her kitten for trying to follow her across the dam. It was an incredible experience seeing this. I watched this bobcat cross in front of the camera trap I had set. The kitten didn't venture out far enough to reach the camera. I am kicking myself in the butt for not carrying my  DSLR camera as I have many times hiking into this area.

Well, at least I got to see it !