Sunday, April 5, 2020

Note Your Trail Camera Locations

Stupid Is As Stupid Does – That’s me!
Last fall I shared that my first camera was stolen. Wrong!
A neighbor hiking located the camera and asked me if it was possibly belonged to me. A bit embarrassing seeing that it is just up the road from my home, and I went back three or four times looking for it! I missed finding it by thirty yards. When I set the camera out last summer I was confident I could locate it noting land features. WRONG!
Lesson Learned: Write down where your camera(s) is in a notebook or take a GPS reading when setting camera traps. Especially when you have a number of camera traps set in different locations.
The lost trail camera was set out last June – March (10 months). The lithium batteries were still working. The TC took 1,500 pictures, capturing eleven different critters.  Turkey,raccoon,squirrel,coyote,deer,bobcat,bear,otter,opossum,fox,porcupine.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Having this one bear den occupied by two different sows over last two winters has been an incredible experience for me. It’s not only the thrill to share with all of you, but also to learn. Over the last several months I have read many books on black bears, learning all I can about this beautiful animal. It’s neat to be nearing retirement and still enjoy learning (about certain things).
Camera Trapping & Learning go hand and hand!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Time To Put Out Trail Camera's

The swamps are " Coming Alive " with activity. The above trail camera set was by far my most productive set in 2019. I was able to setup another camera trap for 2020.
Bears have been pretty active in some of my other areas. I hope to get a number camera traps set out in the next few weeks.
While out and about this morning a gray fox crossed the road a good distance in front of me. Slowing down to look were it was headed , I spotted  an out crop of large boulders . I have driven by this area many times and never noticed theses rocks. Next time by you can bet a trail camera will be set out.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

The bears had left the den site on March 5th and returned for one day on March 8th. 
Not sure why they came back and only spent the day. Maybe the safety of the secluded den site.
The opportunity presented the best sequence of videos . Glad they came back !


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Signs Of Early Spring

It appears the bears have left the den site sometime on the evening of March 5th. The last time stamp showing one cub was at 1:32 PM. I was hoping to capture a picture with all four bears, thatdid not happen.
The sow didn’t spend much time outside the den during the daylight hours, TC’s were programmed off during night hours to minimize disturbance.  One cub which I nicknamed: “Homemaker” (assumption on my part that it’s the same cub) was constantly outside the den during the day racking in leaves and ground matter into the den entrance.
One trail camera was left at the den site to confirm they family of bears have moved on.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Snoozer Chronicles (2-29-20).
Surprise !!!!
Was I surprised when I checked the SD card today. I had made an assumption that there was ONE bear because it showed up in the den site late ,after ( 12-14-19) I couldn't of been more wrong! There is a sow and three second year cubs taken up residency in this den location.
Also today I found skunk cabbage sprouting in a swamp. I do believe it;s going to be an early spring !

I's to bad it was raining this day. The lens was fogged. I set up a different camera. Hopefully with the warm week coming the camera will capture some daytime pictures.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

New Areas Slow

My Apologies for missing last weeks post. An urgent trip came up.

The new area iv'e been camera trapping has been rather slow. I thought the beaver dam above would be a likely spot to set a camera trap. I did get a bobcat and two coyotes passing during the night hours. The pic above is the only day time capture.

Snoozer Chronicles ( 2-23-20) I checked the den site yesterday. There was a set of  foot prints in close proximity to the den area . I can only surmise that who ever it was spotted my trail cameras. Nothing was touched and I'm thankful for that. I did pull my Reconx camera concerned about theft.
All I can do is hope the person who located the site remains respectful.

There's something about being in front of a bear den that makes  your senses super keen ! That is  until you bend over to change the batteries in the trail camera and a partridge flushes behind you .

The darn thing had me standing there wondering what the heck just happened !!!!!