Saturday, July 13, 2019

Took Three Yeas !

Took three years to finally get a bobcat traveling the beaver dam in the direction of the camera and with good light.
Interesting bear data. Only one bear has crossed this dam since April. Last year at this time there were five bear crossings. More than likely it was probably several different bears using the dam .
I know there is a sow with three cubs and a sow with a second year cub in the general area.

The hike this morning was hot and uneventful. I didn't see a thing.!
Earlier this week a friend hiked the same area and had two bears walk out in front of him then casually walked away as he videoed them with his camera.. Hopefully one of these days I get an opportunity like that.

Trail Cameras were slow again this morning only capturing the bobcat above.


Friday, July 5, 2019

It's Hot !

Already have ten miles on the ole' hiking boots this week and haven't seen but two deer. As active as the trail cameras were last week there uneventful this week.
This morning I headed out earlier than usual so I could hike into a distant swamp near first light. It was a beautiful sunrise and the only thing I saw was the tail of a beaver as it hit the water.
A head net is an absolute ! Without it the likelihood you wont be staying too long nor sitting still.
I've located a new spot for moose, already have five different moose tc pics over the last month. Should be a good area come this fall.


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Many Moose On Tc's

Hiking with my camera this weekend was uneventful. It makes me wonder!
Trail Cameras have been working overtime. Been getting more tc pics of moose than any prior year.
Also been getting lots of bobcat trail camera pictures. That goes to show you that you got to be in the right place at the right time!
I have a few days off this week , hopefully things will pick up


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Lots of Light and LUCK !

Very slow weekend for pics with my SLR. I did have a doe walk out in front of me. So there was little activity with regard to wildlife. There was no shortage of deer flies. Definitely need a good bug spray or head net out in the woods.
A trail camera did capture a nice shot of a coyote. Lot of luck and a coyote that stopped in the right place.
Bears pics have been slow the last few weeks. Hopefully that will change.
Been getting more moose pics than I usually do.Hopefully that means a good fall !

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hike-odometer Hit 3000 Mikes Hiked in "Quabbin"

Well, here it is mid- June 2019 . It was about eight years ago I started consistently hiking “ The Quabbin “weekends looking to rack up hiking miles. This week the hike-odometer did roll over to three thousand miles hiked within the boundaries of The Quabbin Reservoir Reservation. How do I know that, each hike starts with setting my GPS ,tracking the miles, then recording each day’s data and wildlife sightings .Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it! The quest for the miles wasn’t even a thought early on. Hiking while learning to use a camera was the primary focus and most outings provided some sort of wildlife to take a picture of.
Reaching the three-thousand-mile milestone isn’t a real accomplishment . Heck, it took eight years to do it! The real achievement was the constant hiking which put me in a situations to see wildlife that most people will never experience.
Where does it go from here ?
Took Friday off from work and spent the day hiking to camera trap sets. Trail cameras have been busy. I am trying to capture a picture of a cow and calf moose. I did get a cow without a calf and two different bull moose


Friday, June 7, 2019

Nice Morning To Be Out Hiking !

Just as the sun was coming up this doe appeared in this small field. I watched her for a while before she noticed me. I was hoping to see a fawn.
Hiking along I came across a snapping turtle laying eggs. On my return trip she had finished and covered the hole. I'll bet if I were to go back this afternoon and check some critter would have already consumed the eggs.

Check this video out. Be sure to turn it up ! This trail camera would of been ruined if not for the metal case.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Been A Good Few Days Hking

Above are me and my grandson. He made his first real hike at 31/2 . He hiked from the orange gate to Soapstone Hill and back ( approx. 3 mile round trio). Not bad ! for those little legs (lol) My wife also  also came along taking pictures of him holding a toad and touching a ribbon snake. He truly loves nature !

This weeks hiking was eventful seeing a mature bear, bobcat and red fox. The bear didn't present any pic opportunity. Did get a pic of the bobcat and fox.

Spent a considerable amount of time tweaking camera trap sets hoping to get more bear pics and maybe  a moose with a calf.

No shortage of skeeters this weekend!